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Snow Crab

Delicate in flavor and beautifully colored, our Snow Crab can
be prepared and enjoyed in a wide variety of dishes.

Snow Crab

For over 20 years, Orion Seafood has been a pioneer in bringing Canadian Snow Crab to the broader marketplace. That tradition is still alive and well today, with Snow Crab from Orion setting the standard for quality and availability.

Product Specs

Snow Crab Clusters

Snow Crab Clusters:
1/30 lb. bulk pack, 4+, 5+, 8+, 10+

Retail pack

Snow Crab Meat:
6/5 lb. Combo (leg/body), 6/5 lb. All leg, 6/5 lb. Salad
Snow Crab Cap-off Cocktail Claws:
6/3 lb. J, XL, L, M, S

Specialty products by request

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