Orion and our processing partners are committed to reducing our environmental
impact, reducing our energy consumption and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Orion’s Commitment to the Sustainability of the Lobster Industry

Orion deeply believes in giving back to the lobster from which we, our partner processors, and our harvesters, make our collective livings. We are firmly committed to a lobster fishery that endures well beyond our tenure, to nourish and sustain future generations. We see ourselves as custodians of the resource and its habitat, working actively together with fellow stakeholders – harvesters, processors, governments, and customers. It is OUR responsibility to pass on to the next generation, strong, healthy stocks and ecosystems.

We believe...

  • In a lobster fishery that endures to nourish and sustain future generations

We believe...

  • That we are custodians of the resource and its habitat

We believe...

  • In our responsibility to strive for strong and healthy stocks and ecosystems

We believe...

  • In working with fellow stakeholders to discuss problems and devise solutions

That is why Orion takes a leading role in:

  • Development and application of good stewardship practices for the resource
  • Partnering, facilitating and applying scientific research for knowledge, opportunities, solutions, and anticipating and preventing problems
  • Disseminating knowledge and information among the stakeholders and the public for better understanding of this fascinating creature
  • Ensuring that partner processing facilities apply the highest standards in preparing products for market so that the resource is utilized in the most effective manner
  • Collaborating with other stakeholders including customers to promote sustainability and traceability from ocean to plate
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Materials and Energy Conservation Measures

Both Orion and our processing partners are committed to working diligently on reducing our environmental impact and to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprints. Working closely with our suppliers and processors, we continue to search and apply opportunities in the ongoing process to improve.


All cartons and masters are made of at least 25% recycled corrugated fiberboard, and are 100% recyclable, including printing inks. We have reduced our packaging requirements by streamlining sizes and developing multiple use containers. Orion works only with suppliers who themselves are formally committed to conservation and sustainability. Within our system, packaging materials are reused for other purposes wherever possible, or recycled.


All shell waste is composted or used to manufacture useful byproducts. Wherever possible, processing plants recycle water, utilities are conserved, low energy-use lighting is used, and lighting is turned off when not required. Waste water is filtered in strict accordance with environmental requirements. Processing plants are continually researching and making facility and equipment modifications to reduce energy consumption and lower their carbon footprints. All waste is separated for disposal and recycling.


Orion only uses the most efficient and modern cold storage facilities with a corporate commitment to sustainability practices. Our carriers are carefully screened for best practices, and all orders are pooled by location in order to save on transportation costs and lower the carbon footprint.